21 NOV 2013

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21 NOV 2013

Ki Omos Kineitai // IL paRЯaiso / To Heaven

Novog Cirkusa Festival - Zagreb

Date: 21 November 2013

Time: 20.00

IL Paraiso Kiomos kineitai from kiomoskineitai on Vimeo.

Based on “Paradise”, the third part of Dante Alighieri‘s “Divine Comedy”, which is considered to be the part of the trilogy with the highest theological complexity, “IL paRЯaiso” is created as an extraordinary ceremonial feast, a one-hour trip on the theme of paradise. Dance, partner acrobatics, gymnastics, equilibristics, manipulation of objects and aerial skills, with traditional Greek music (rebetiko) as the background, synthesize in a narrative on our relation with heaven, with a smile and sensibility. The paradise has been deplaced from the Garden of Eden and is now in an infinite universe. Dante describes the cosmos of continous rotation and how the small human being is trying to reach the saintliness. “IL paRЯaiso” is the story about circles.

It seems somewhat ironic that the symbolic capital of paradise is being painted by artists from the country that was pushed to the furthermost edges of the crisis by – capitalistic chaos. The group Ki Omos Kineitai, named after the last words of another famous Italian (Galilei: “And yet it moves”), was founded in 2003 by dancer Christina Sougioultzi and circus artist Bentancor Camilo. The aim was to enable collaboration of artists with diverse kinesiological backgrounds through a series of complex physical performance in which dance, circus and performance techniques meet and blend.

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