06 JUL 2017

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Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto: Giannoula Banasiou | Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesign

06 JUL 2017

Betelgez BE festival

A dark, engrossing story of imminent danger, Betelgez is balanced on an unstable equilibrium. A star named Betelgez is on the brink of supernova. A comparison between the explosion of a star and eruptions of social unrest, a collage of short shots of commanding political speeches are broadcast in the background. The show’s four dancer-acrobats perform aerial feats of circus display. With a tangible sense of risk from the beginning, the dimly lit stage sees tensions stretched thin. Started in 2003, Ki Omos Kinetai combine dance, circus and other creative disciplines.

21 - 24 JUN 2018

Master and Margarita

21 - 24 June 2018 at 21.30

ROES Theatre, Iakhou 16, Gazi

27 FEB - 13 MAR 2018

God's Particle /

Ki omOs kineitai 

Hainis D.Apostolakis 

27 FEB, 06, 13 MARCH  2018 at 21.00

"Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation

26 FEB - 12 MAR 2018

Silicium’s revenge

26 FEB, 05, 12 MARCH  2018 at 21.00

"Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation