17 OCT 2017

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Photo: Giannoula Banasiou | Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesign

17 OCT 2017

Betelgez Bakelit center

A comparison of the explosion of a star with the social explosion. 
A collage of short shots of political speeches that sound more like announcements of explosions… towards big changes in the global map. 
Speeches that promised the birth of new conditions, in which nothing could be like the old ones.
Speeches that inspired a revolutionary ferment, which would tear down the old order.
Words that resulted to a constant vibration of the humanity at a high frequency and to scatter faith, hope, certainty… but at the same time anger hatred and despair.

Dance. Music. Circus.
Four dancers-acrobats manage a surface that does not have a stable equilibrium.

The star Betelgez is expected to explode as supernova. A second sun will rise in the skies of the Earth. The brightness of the explosion will be so strong that will appear in the sky for approximately 15 days. An explosion that may have already happened and we have not yet understood it. It may be happening now but we are going to learn about it long after or after millions of years (very close to our never).

We are in an awkward present full of increasing compression, where the boom may never come, but the method of the fabricated future has broken down irretrievably.

Except of desperation, the inability to forecast in a chaotic system, gives space to a critical question: What is the expectation of human life?

A collage of political speeches in a live soundscape is been gradually created where the concepts of oscillation, landing, lifting, personal action appear. An interactive combination and interrelation with the persons and the items arise during the process.

21 - 24 JUN 2018

Master and Margarita

21 - 24 June 2018 at 21.30

ROES Theatre, Iakhou 16, Gazi

27 FEB - 13 MAR 2018

God's Particle /

Ki omOs kineitai 

Hainis D.Apostolakis 

27 FEB, 06, 13 MARCH  2018 at 21.00

"Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation

26 FEB - 12 MAR 2018

Silicium’s revenge

26 FEB, 05, 12 MARCH  2018 at 21.00

"Michael Cacoyannis" Foundation