Ki omos Kineitai / Workshop

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Ki omos Kineitai / Workshop

Sougioultzi Christina, Bentancor Camilo, Malkotsis Hermes.

-Preparation of the body to be found in areas of high tension and for trusting basic acrobatic modes. (Basic positions)

-Smoothing the linearity of exercise in organic forms reachable from the body at all different stages of his ability. by using body’s weight and volume as movement generators.

-Moving bodies, in acrobatic flow paths. Movement in couples and trio. action and communication

-Dance-translation/ relationship music movement, Combinations, phrases containing the building materials of the course.

-Basic aerial technique.(trapeze/fabric)

Repertoire( Betelgez, God s Particle, Il Paraiso):

Ki omos kineitai: Collaboration of artists with diverse kinesiological backgrounds, a group that create complex physical performances where dance, circus and performance techniques meet and blend.

Within the structure of a united and integrated performance based on the performer’s movement and expression are assimilated circus techniques in what concerns the creation and the usage of the three-dimensional space (acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, the expressive range of the performers, a construction of dramaturgy with the elements of irony, tragicomic and self-sarcasm) and as well the extroverted identity of the genre of performance.

We aim at forming a distinct way of expression in which the unique artistic style of each of the performers is incorporated, not like an array of skills but as a joint effort in the process of configuration of the performance, always in relation with the aesthetics decisions for each individual research.

Education ki omos kineitai

Professional Higher Private Drama School Akis Davis

Aerial Acrobatics

trapeze: Linardou Antigoni, Makatsoris Xristoforos , Camilo Bentoncor

sillks : Sougioultzi Christina

lyra: Linardou Antigoni

rope: Makatsoris Xristoforos

floor acrobatics: Camilo Bentoncor

handstands : Xristoforos Makatsoris , Lia Xamilothori

Dance: Hermes Malkotsis, Sougioultzi Christina, Paraskevopoulou Ioanna 

16, 17 ΜΑΡ 2020

Μάστερ και Μαργαρίτα
κι όμΩς κινείται
16, 17 Μαρτίου 2020, 21:15
Θέατρο Αυλαία

9, 10 ΜΑΡ 2020

Μάστερ και Μαργαρίτα
κι όμΩς κινείται
9, 10 Μαρτίου 2020, 21:15
Θέατρο Ροές

23 ΝΟΕ 2019

Χαΐνηδες – Κι όμΩς κινείται
Κάθε Σάββατο και Κυριακή στις 21.00