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THE GOD'S PARTICLE awarted by the greeks critics assosiation as the best dance performance 2013-2014

by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation support

On July 4, 2012, scientists at CERN confirmed the discovery of a new particle. This observation is verifiable and can be reproduced anytime. New results indicate that the particle which was discovered at CERN is a Higgs boson.


Direction & Choreography

Ki omos kineitai


Apostolakis Dimitris


Camilo Bentancor

Music (synthesis and interpretation)

Apostolakis Dimitris

Antoniou Kleon

Kanelos Takis

Rellos Theodoris

Lighting & Videos

Athanasopoulou Maria


Manesi Ageliki

Mouzaki Fani

Interpretation and co-creation

Apostolakis Dimitris

Vardaksoglou Alexandros

Bentancor Camilo

Linardou Antigoni

Malkotsis Ermis

Paraskevopoulou Ioanna

Sougioultzi Christina


Duration 1.50mi

«Good evening.

The subject of today's lecture is the, so called, God’s particle».

This is a dance-circus performance and at the same time a lecture by D. Apostolakis, who has been at CERN as a researcher, scholar of the University of Crete, in the search of the Higgs boson.

Where we come from? Where are we going? What are we made of? An effort to understand and make understood all these hugeevents of human thought.

The story of the creation. The universe in its present form. Laws, concepts, miracles, definitions and paradox of modern physics.

The entropy increases, as we enter in a worldof strange terms such as the big bang, the standard model, the strings, super symmetry, bosons and fermions, antimatter, the unification of forces, matter and dark energy, black holes...

This is a performance that follows the line of a thought. It is the most fundamental thought of all times, when man placed the structural elements of matter,outside the field of the sensory perception.

Τhe beginning of his journey into the depths of the microcosm and the chaos of the macrocosm, looking for the limit, the final state.

But every time he thought he reached the end...

There was always something even smaller, or even bigger, the next station in his understanding of a complex universe.

A universe that goes on leaving us humans in the middle of an unimaginable scale, trying to put it in order, by forcing particles to collapse, by forcing particles to tell their secrets.

Six performers,three musicians,the lecturer and a dialectical relationship between visualization and sympathy. The feeling of the human scale.

As the cosmological models are reaching the limits of science fiction,

this parade of definitions, concepts, models and predictions come to cure the sense of the absurd.

Illuminates the tireless bravery of humankind, in this unstoppable research.

Using all possible and impossible waysinsisting to understand who we are and what will eventually happen to us.

«Where we are and where we are going cannot be answered once in a lifetime. It is a question which grows with us and passes through to the next generation».

16 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
16 September 2019
Outdoor Municipal Amphitheater, Xanthi

15 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
15 September 2019
Thessaloniki, festival Dassous, National theater

11 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
11 September 2019
Athens, Asyrmatos, Agios Dimitrios