23 JUL 2019

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Photo: Giannoula Banasiou | Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesign

23 JUL 2019

Ki omOs kineitai
"The Master and Margarita"
July 23rd 2019
Kalamata's International Dance Festival

Inspired by Mikhail Bulgakov’s homonymous novel:
- I do not understand what will happen from now on.
- Surely something utterly absurd!

A surrealist tale in which the Devil himself, vengeful and tired, appears with his escort to cure the lack of faith, rebalance logic with the absurd, the feasible with the impossible, and ultimately scorn the trust of humans in what they arbitrarily define as reality. A scaffolding, with people hanging from it, is being dismounted. A performance devoted to the constructivist movement, which stubbornly denied romanticism before eventually glorifying it.
Excerpts from the constructivists’ Realistic Manifesto: 
“Above the tempests of our weekdays, across the ashes and cindered homes of the past, before the gates of the vacant future, we proclaim [that] efficacious existence is the highest beauty. 
Life knows neither good nor bad nor justice as a measure of morals… need is the highest and most just of all morals.
Life does not know rationally abstracted truths as a measure of cognizance, deed is the highest and surest of truths.
Space and time are re-born to us today.”
(Moscow, three years after the October Revolution)


Concept-Direction: ki omOs kineitai (Christina Sougioultzi, Camilo Bentancor, Hermes Malkotsis)
Performers: Camilo Bentancor, Anastasis Karahanidis, Antigoni Linardou, Hermes Malkotsis, Aggeliki Merenditi, Christina Sougioultzi, Chronis Tomboris
Original Music-Sound Design: Kleon Andoniou & Babis Paritsis 
Set Designer-Visual Concept: Camilo Bentancor
Lighting Design: Maria Athanasopoulou 
Costumes: Aggeliki Manesi & Fani Mouzaki 

With the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports

16 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
16 September 2019
Outdoor Municipal Amphitheater, Xanthi

15 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
15 September 2019
Thessaloniki, festival Dassous, National theater

11 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
11 September 2019
Athens, Asyrmatos, Agios Dimitrios