La Banda de la Nada

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Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto: Giannoula Banasiou | Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesign

La Banda de la Nada


13 soundscapes.

five stories, all with happy ending.

Great efforts to obtain the proper "tone".

......... And some silences.

The revolution took place everywhere, though it didn't happen the way we expected it to happen at all. Everywhere whatever was released, was set free from its meaning, essence, value, reference, its origin and its purpose and is still functioning, but the idea has died out a long time ago. Nothing (not even this God)

disappears anymore because of the ending or death, but because of multiplying, of the excess and the ascending indetermination. For us everything is predictable,

we have excellent means of analysis but no means of condition. We live theoretically beyond our own incidents. Hence, the deep melancholy.

Jean Baudrillard

Coreography& Direction : Ki omos kineitai

Set Design: Ki omos Kineitai

Lighting Design: Camilo Bentancor

Costumes: Manesi Angeliki, Mouzaki Fani

Communication: Asproulis Aris

Interpretation: Bentancor Camilo, Malkotsis Hermes, Sougioultzi Christina Amendas George, Antoniou Kleon.

16 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
16 September 2019
Outdoor Municipal Amphitheater, Xanthi

15 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
15 September 2019
Thessaloniki, festival Dassous, National theater

11 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
11 September 2019
Athens, Asyrmatos, Agios Dimitrios