Noi R

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Photo: Giannoula Banasiou | Photo editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesignPhoto editing: OnDesign

Noi R

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The performance is based on the aesthetics of film noir (1) in terms of the composition of the image on the stage, of the lights, of the strong psychological and emotional expressive approach of the conduct of the performers on stage, οf the time flashbacks (in other words a sense of discontinuity of linear time, as can be given by

means of stage direction of the movement and the dramaturgy) and of the plot of the stage script.

The main themes of film noir are fatalism, greed and betrayal, in a dream world, strange, erotic, ambivalent and hard. The basic plot usually involves search for some type of detection. The path to the solution of the mystery is marked by catalytic revelations regarding the "nature" of heroes and social structures. Τhe balances that

have been disrupted do not revert and the rift remains unbridgeable. Having the notion of film noir and its philosophy as main axis during the performance are displayed extracts of texts of the theoreticians Søren Aabye Kierkegaard and Jean-Paul Sartre which declared fundamental positions of existentialism and function as starting forces for the creation of performing/kinesiological motifs and ideas.

Respect for human dignity is a request even in a universe which is devoid of any meaning and without the existence of any transcendental reason to govern.

We are living in an awkward present full of increasing pressure, where the ‘big bang’ may never come, but the method of the prefabricated future has irretrievably broken down.

Except for desperation, the inability to predict the future in a chaotic system, rises a critical question.

What to expect from human nature?

Coreography& Direction : Ki omos kineitai

Set Design: Ki omos Kineitai

Lighting Design: Camilo Bentancor

Constructions/Τechnical Support: Lazoulos Dimitris

Costumes: Manesi Angeliki, Mouzaki Fani

Communication: Asproulis Aris

Photos: Vitsaropoulos Giorgos

Live Music performance: Kleon Antoniou, Theodore Rellos (mode plagal) / la band de la nada

Artistic supervision: Anthony Antzoulides

Interpretation: Bentancor Camilo, Karachanidis Tasos, Linardou Antigone, Malkotsis Hermes, Joanna Paraskevopoulou, Sougioultzi Christina Amedas George, Antoniou Kleon, Theodore Rellos

16 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
16 September 2019
Outdoor Municipal Amphitheater, Xanthi

15 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
15 September 2019
Thessaloniki, festival Dassous, National theater

11 SEP 2019

Hainides – ki Omos Kineitai
11 September 2019
Athens, Asyrmatos, Agios Dimitrios